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My Background

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Early Childhood

As far back as I can remember, I have always loved to tinker with technology.  Even before I was able to walk, a large part of my infant to toddler years involved playing with my parents technological equipment; from equalizers to washing machines, and televisions to portable air-conditioners.  This love of playing with technology as a child evolved to a love of learning about new information technologies, and pursuing a career in the field.

Teenage Years

At the age of 10, I educated myself on web technologies and developed my first personal website.  As I matured and moved into high school, my interests expanded into object oriented programming, computer networking, and computer hardware.  I have took every opportunity in high school to enrol in every course related to object oriented programming, and web development.  The knowledge I gained from my education allowed me to become a freelance Technical Support Analyst and a freelance Web Developer at the age of 16 for a small companies.

Bachelor of Arts with Honours

Having have tremendous success in high school in relation to information technologies, I went to York University where I earned a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Information Technology, specialized in Health Industry in 2007.  Following my graduation, I was immediately hired as a full-time employee at a Microsoft Gold Certified Partnered e-commerce company named Keyora Inc. as a Web Developer.

Master of Arts

After working at Keyora Inc. for over a year, an opportunity to be able to pursue a Masters Degree at York University was presented to me.  On the journey in earning the degree in 2013, I was able to be a Teaching Assistant for a large variety of undergraduate courses in the Information Technology and Administrative Studies programme.  I also join Dr. Jimmy Huang’s Information Retrieval and Knowledge Management Research Lab where I conducted research on electronic medical records that had lead to multiple publications, and being asked to present my findings at the 2012 Advances in Health Informatics Conference.


Upon successfully defending my thesis titled “Semantic Concept Extraction from Electronic Medical Records for Enhancing Information Retrieval Performance”, I was offered an Adjunct Professor position at York University for the School of Information Technology where I continue to teach various Information Technology courses to undergraduate level students.  I also continue to provide Web Development, Technical Support Analysis, and Information Technology Consultation to small businesses who are in need of an individual who has knowledge and experience with various information technologies.

I constantly strive to look for opportunities that will allow me to continue to learn new information technologies in the ever changing industry.  I wish nothing more than to be able to develop the best possible solutions for my clients needs, while build long-lasting relationships.